Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Wednesday witterings.

Very strong winds, add in lashings of rain.  Autumn in Scotland.

I cancelled my breast screening.  
"Perhaps when you feel better you can re-book."  
I didnt know whether to laugh or cry!  Climbing near perpendicular stairs with end stage COPD does not make you feel better - ever!  I would have had to sit for about 20 minutes to control my breathing, which would not have assisted their appointment schedule.

I mastered the art of the shoe horn and got my boots on!

Very rough sea.

Top left hand corner - you can just make out the Surfer's head.

It was such a maelstrom out there he had little chance of catching a surfing wave.

I was clinging on to the railing above this one.  It wasnt too cold but I did worry the chariot would be blown away even with both the brakes on!

The Oystercatchers flocked in and milled about chasing and retreating with the tide.

Back to the Shedudio.  The DP had printed off A4 photographic paper with my images.  So I had to guillotine them.

Then glue them on to the cards.

Give them all an envelope.  Done.  Well thats 8 done!  Long way to go.

So gloomy outside.

The daylight bulb lamp helped.

I was cosy, tho the rain lashed down.

And at last, drum roll, 

I got my compression stockings.  There are two so you can wash one and wear one.  No instructions, so good job I googled it.  To be put on as I first get up, not sure what happens when the carer wants to wash me legs some time later, presumably she does it quick before the leg starts to swell!



Bovey Belle said...

Gosh, it does look rough out there today. Lovely photos, as always.

Glad to hear that your compression stockings have arrived and hope they bring instant relief.

Off to Oxford for two days away (son is house-sitting for us).

Joan (Devon) said...

Hallo Jill, when I went for my last mammogram in Wales there was a lift at one end of the vehicle for the disabled which was a lot easier than those steps. I just had to tell them when I booked the appointment that I would need the lift. The time before that it had been raining and those steps were treacherous. Anyway, that's me finished with mammograms as I've reached the age limit, thank goodness, it was torture.

justjill said...

Joan there was a lift but I had to be there to have the use of at 9 - 10. It takes me til 10 to take all medication. After this one I wouldnt have been called again either.

Joan (Devon) said...

Jill, I don't think there was a time limit for me, as we had to travel away from my normal one and I don't recall being there that early. I don't do early any more.

mamasmercantile said...

Love that Christmas card, beautiful. It was rather choppy here too yesterday. Although cold the sun is shining here today and beautiful blue skies.

wherethejourneytakesme said...

I didn't make my last screening either - they had booked me in on my birthday of all days and it isn't like they didn't know my birth date!
I haven't rebooked - my colleague that died of breast cancer had screenings every year and had one which came back clear only three months prior to her having a massive 20 cm lump found. She thought because she had just had a screening she was safe and did not act on the lump - apparently it is quite common. As I had a lot of pain after my previous ones for months after and the doctor would just shrug his shoulders when I mentioned this I have decided not to attend for the last one and take my chances!
Love the Christmas cards.

Anonymous said...

I wish with all my heart you weren’t suffering with this dreaded disease, you certainly are an inspiration, I love the look of that sea, the colours it churns up are amazing! Your cards look great!