Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Promenade.Painting and Pheasants.

A very gloomy day, with a light wind, and cold.  Typical March weather?

Just look at that sky.  The sea was very rough.  No surfers today - or boats.

The Herring Gulls are in force, choosing mates or reinforcing previous relationships, and being very loud about it all.

A shouting Gull.

Oystercatchers paddling.

Lesser Black Backed Gulls returning to the North East of Scotland from South England and the Mediterranean.


Later my friend L came to paint.  She was doing a Highland Cow.  I was doing Dyson.

Exhausted after talking art for two hours!  

L's son is our joiner and he called in to measure up for insulating more of the shedudio, fitting double glazing and new doors that dont rattle in the ever present wind!  I just hope I can afford it all.....

Later while we were having our evening meal in the dining room who came calling but Dyson and two lady friends, (both called Hetty.)   Poor photo as it began to rain again but all three are in this.

It is now obvious we are in the breeding season.  Pairs of every species we have in the garden, many, are now collecting nesting material.  Isnt nature wonderful.  So glad I didnt have to walk around with a mouthful of twigs and straw...........


Birdlover said...

wonderful photos of these beautiful birds, their colouring is beautiful. I would love a painting of these on my walls.

Jean. said...

Wow! Your shedudio will be so snug that you will never want to leave. :) How lovely. Have you worked out the size of yours for me yet please? I'm thinking of going for a 10x12 ft summerhouse, I'm pretty sure that your shedudio is bigger than that, it looks great. Of course mine won't have your luxuries, :) though I will try to get some form of heating in there to start with. Oh, and I adore the sound of seagulls, they always make me smile.

Sue in Suffolk said...

Wot No Surfers!
Must be a first