Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Another sunny day followed by aaaargh.

Beautiful sunny and warmish day.

The beach today,  No wind, sunshine, whoop whoop.

Black Headed Gull now in full on Summer/Mating plumage.

And having a stretch.

Three Oystercatchers having their own space.  Okay.

That appears to be it weather wise.  Deteriorates tomorrow, high winds.  Doubt I will be venturing out.  Also I have a suspicion I am cooking a chest infection.  Might be wrong, tomorrow will decide whether to go on to antibiotics or not.  I have struggled today.  I had my monthly pill this morning Quodixor, Ibandronic acid.  Which is for the Osteopenia.  I do get peed off with all these drugs.  

Hey ho.

I had fun down the shedudio with using just a paintbrush and blue paint doing a sheep the DP photographed for me.

The DP is now back to being the Dawn Patroller and off out early morning.  This morning he saw Hares.

He took lots of photos.  They were a long way away.  The Boxing comes in as the female does not want to know.  I can paint that!


Chris Elliot said...

Keep healthy and enjoy the good weather while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

oh geez,, sorry to hear your chest is not good,, thats a bummer for sure,, I know you hate the meds but they keep you going so thats a good thing.
Those hare photos are amazing, to capture them doing their boxing is reall y cool to see!! I love painting hares,,

e said...

I hope you are wrong about the chest infection...Would love to see a painting of these hares!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hares are my favourite animal - and this is an excellent photograph of them.

crafty cat corner said...

Hi Jill
Do hope that you are not getting an infection, one thing you must dread and I'm sure we will have to face some time.
You mention all the drugs. Something good has happened to Tom, he took him self off of Ramipril, a beta blocker that he has been on for years and lo and behold his cough has disappeared. We read that this drug can cause damage to lungs and also give you a cough, well that was about right and I'm wondering if it has also made the lungs worse.
He did so well getting up the hill. We took it slowly and kept stopping for a breather.
We have the clinic next week to find out if they have been able to pin point the cause of the fibrosis, I'll let you know.
As for drugs for the lungs, I have been doing a bit of research and it seems that some of them actually make you feel worse in other ways, we shall have to see.
Your sheep is as usual brilliant.