Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Exciting stuff.

More rain and wind and cold.

But witnessing an epic battle, well definitely a face off.....

These two lady Pheasants appeared on our back fence this morning.  There were actually three but one was being shy.  They were accompanied by Dyson.

Soon after a rival - Hoover -  appeared.

Let battle commence.

Dyson on the right and Hoover on the left.  

Quite how this ritual was to end.  

Just head bobbing so all pretty harmless to the protaganists.  Eventually Dyson sloped off round the front of the house.  Hoover went down to meet the Ladies by the shedudio.  By which time they had got fed up and left.

Later I managed to escape and the road out was clear.  Well sort of.

Single track road.  The remains of the snow drifts on either side were still quite scary in parts.  Of course there had to be a huge lorry coming towards me at one point.  Why?  Where was he going?  

I got to the Prom.  I did not get out of the car.  The wind was over 30 mph.  

I had the window open and breathed the clean sea air.  Lovely.

Then I went to ASDA.  Looking for big warm sweaters.  Saw some.  Choosing a vibrant colour in my size and then discovered they were - backless.  

Do ASDA know where we and they are???????????????????

Mrs Disgusted then came home.

To finish off a painting of Dyson and Hoover on a previous stand off.

I still hope there are some little Dysons soon.



Susan Heather said...

Lovely photos of the pheasants and I also like your Mountain Hare painting. Backless warm sweaters - what planet are they on?

DUTA said...

Funny battle, and a lovely painting of the two 'fighters'!
A warm sweater, in my opinion, is only one made of wool (not acrylic); that is expensive and often unavailable.

kjsutcliffe artist said...

Most of our snow has gone, leaving grubby wall lined drifts, be glad when spring proper arrives. If Dyson and Hoover have names - what are the ladies called? :D

mamasmercantile said...

Backless sweaters are not for me either. The single track road looks a little hairy, are there passing points? Great painting.