Thursday, 15 March 2018

And breathe.

Would that I could.

The DP had to drive to the Surgery.  Day 3 I think of this feeling like s**t.  

In for the 6 monthly Blood Pressure check, although I think it is a tad longer than that.  

It isn't just policemen, nurses look younger too.  Urine sample - fine. 

She wanted to take blood.  I said I really couldnt cope with that today.  I have narrow veins and always end up battered and bruised, so that was shelved.  

Blood Pressure taken.  

I mentioned my breathing problems, she asked to see me breathe.  "I do not see your diaphragm moving.  At all."

  She then fetched in my old friend C who got the stethoscope on me and then really told me off. 

For not getting to the surgery sooner.  "You have COPD for Gods sake."  

Antibiotics and steroids.  As steroids have accelerated my bone deterioration I was reluctant so we did a deal.  If I feel 'better after 2 antibiotic pills I do not have to take the steroids, but if not I do.'

I think this is a double edged sword as I doubt I will feel better after only two antibiotic pills!

Next week I am booked in with the breathing clinic nurse.  To check on the breathing, she will also take blood, and give me an E.C.G.  How can anyone complain about our wonderful NHS?

Oh and my Blood Pressure was fine!

It is so windy here I have stayed in the house.  Possibly tomorrow I will get back to the shedudio.  It is forecast still with the strong winds.

To be honest I am ill.  And fed up.


Chris Elliot said...

So sorry to hear you are suffering. And also not being able to get on with your art. Try to stay positive.

DUTA said...

Perhaps you could turn to alternative medicine. Conventional medicine has no preventive measures, and when the illness appears and becomes chronic, they give you meds that usually complicate the health issue.

In the meantime, you better not go to the promenade in cold, windy weather as this seems to me an invitation to trouble whether one is with, or without COPD.

Lynn said...

Sending love x

Jean. said...

Once over 60 we all suffer with aches and pains, illnesses great and small, serious and mild. For some it can happen long before that age. Constant pain, medicines and lack of mobility can make us snappy, depressed, fed-up, drained. It can also make us angry and frustrated, but unlike some, and some of those we love, we are still here. It's hard I know, but we must not let our illness define us, we need to be defiant and angry and say to ourselves, no, you will not beat me, you will not stop me doing what I want, you will not stop me from being who I am. It isn't easy, and constant pain can grind you down, I know it does. I know I will never feel 30 yrs old again, I know I will never run as fast or be totally pain free, but after yet another set back I eventually say to myself, how dare you, I may not be what I once was, but I am here still, and I will defy you, be the best that I can be, and enjoy what I can. Be strong, I am sure that you already are.

Anonymous said...

oh geeze Jill, you need to take better care of yourself!! You take care!!!! I don't want to have to cross the ocean to make you lol,, well actually I would love too lol,, but honestly, don't let things get too bad before you go to the clinic!

Mary Bolton said...

I have been enjoying your photos so very much. Hope you feel better soon!

rusty duck said...

Oh Jill, please follow the advice. They only want what is best for you. Keep fighting it x

busybusybeejay said...

Hope the antibiotics kick in quickly and that you soon start to feel better.

Minigranny said...

Take care! Do hope you feel better soon.

Gail, northern California said...

Another kick in the pants, and this is after you have tried your very best. Not fair!

I know you love the sea and its lovely seabirds but during the coldest, most blustery days, it might be time to invest in a treadmill to get the daily exercise you need.

Be well. Enjoy creating your beautiful art.

Linda R. said...

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad, but part of being fed up is directly related to feeling ill...I hope that the medication kicks in and you start to feel better. You are an inspiration to me as you keep on with your exercise and your art. Roll on Spring!