Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Wind here big time.  30 mph plus.  So no walk other than to the shedudio.

My painting apprentice came.

She painted this

Begun this I should have said.  

The DP took lots of photos of the Brown Hares the other morning.  Apparently to get a clearer photo you have to crawl on your belly to get nearer or they disappear.  Sadly his days of crawling through the undergrowth or across a field are long gone.  

My apprentice cleverly lightened the photo on her 'tablet' so she got some shading.  Had I painted, which I will, I would have gone for the shapes in silhouette.  But then we all have artistic licence do we not!

I began a painting of a pair of Black Headed Gulls taken by a friend, James Alexander, master of the Doric language.

I am still unsure as to whether I have a chest infection or not.  I have the antibiotics ready but am reluctant to take them as I am unsure.  I normally know but this time is different. I am supposed to check my spit, colour of, but am not coughing anything up to check.....which is a worry in itself.  TMI!  I have a blood pressure annual check tomorrow so am going to be cheeky and request the nurse listens in on the stethoscope.  

An interesting comment from  on my last post regarding drugs causing more problems with health issues.  I think this is true despite my lovely pharmacist who has frequently flagged up alarms when I have had yet another drug been prescribed for a 'new' ailment.


pip said...

Wonderful artwork from both of you and yours is always so fresh and clear. I do appreciate that you give "work in progress" updates as it shows me the stages of how you proceed. If your friend is new to watercolour then she sure is good!

e said...

Yes, unfortunately, drugs can have side effects or cumulative and unanticipated effects.I hope all is well tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

beautiful painting!!! I think its a good idea to have them listen to your chest.