Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Wet Wednesday.

It rained again.  All day.  I did drive down to the Prom and it was raining there too.  Could not believe the weather forecast keeps getting it wrong.  Fields are flooded now and part of the golf course. Heaven forfend.  They are quite keen on golf up here in Scotland.  

Although football comes in a close second.  Fraserburgh has drawn with Rangers - at home and they insist on it being at home.  I believe our stadium such as it is can cater for about 3000. 

Fraserburgh stadium

Rangers stadium.

 50,000 is the normal number of people at a Ranger match.  I may avoid the beach that day, next January.  Hey ho.

So back home.

With the assistance of my daylight lamp.  And my faithful assistant Sith.

I carried on with the Redshanks.

Finished off their bodies and legs and gave them their reflections.

Then added the water.

So I enjoyed myself.  A scribble but a learning curve as always. 

Just to show I can do other things than birds.....

This one sold and went to someone in Edinburgh.  Thank you. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself I can get it right.  Pity about the weather forecast getting it wrong.

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