Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sundays may have to be cancelled.

I thought I had solved the nausea engendered by the weekly Alendronic Acid Tablet.  This is to stop my bones crumbling. The tablet has to be taken before eating anything - with lots of water - and remaining upright.  I had re read the instructions and the other one to stop bones crumbling which I take twice a day had to be taken after 4 hours of the other one, so after lunch, within 1 and a half hours of food, rather than breakfast.  With me so far.  So last week I followed the instructions implicitly.  And was fine.  This week I did the same and have felt nauseous the whole day.  Which is a listed side effect.  I give up.  Will have a word with pharmacist.

I did not therefore go for a walk.  

Slumped down the shedudio and watched the garden birds.  And a wee bit of painting.

Jackdaws are not usually alone.  This one has a diseased foot.  He stays in our garden.  On his own.  He has now taken to joining in with the masses of sparrows who ground feed outside the shedudio.  Who are not too happy about it.  

It is important to keep your bird feeders clean as such disease can be picked up from them.  In this case the DP thinks he needs to clear up and somehow clean what does drop to the ground from the hanging feeders.

It is feeding.  And can fly.

Very blurred, its a pinkish growth.  

It has taken up residence on one of our fence hanging trough planters.  Looks bright enough.  Not sure what the prognosis is.

Our other larger bird visiting is the Great Spotted Woodpeckers, this is a smart young male now with his adult plumage.  The red on the nape indicates he is male.

The weather was much improved today the wind lessened, the sun was out but now bitterly cold.  I hope to be nausea free tomorrow and get down to the Prom.  

I finally succumbed to Facebooks pleas for me to pay £4 to 'boost your post'.  I await the vast amount of people viewing and desperate to buy my paintings but not holding my breath.

I also missed my first meeting of the local Labour Party which I have rejoined now I know Blair is gone and we have a crew who are not pseudo Tories. 

It's exciting int it!

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