Tuesday, 21 November 2017

I am British therefore I will speak of the weather..

There are other things to talk about.  I wonder what it is that makes us Brits talk about the weather?

Sith is much better.  We have noticed that after having one of these jabs makes his appetite increase.  It is not that long ago, well some years, when the vet considered him overweight.  He is now normal.  And spoilt.  He goes so long with a particular brand of cat food then refuses it, so we buy something else, he woofs that down and then turns his nose up and so it goes on.  I am sure fellow cat owners have been there.

Sith being naughty.  And normal.  This pic also gives you a better idea as to how large he actually is.

Right lets get the weather over with.  It has rained.  All day.  Everywhere is soggy.  Our neighbour across the park (field) has been using his 4x4 to dig ditches down the side of his drive, down to the road and then let that be flooded, but it is on a slope there and presumably slopes off to the burn (stream.)

Soggy ground and birds.

This drip, drip, drip always makes me think of Dickens Bleak House. (Just read the first few words.)

As it got gloomier and gloomier I switched on the daylight lamp.  So glad I got this.  

I am using pen and ink here which is my second love to watercolour.  But you do need to be able to see what you are doing.  Quite pleased with the drawing, you cant rub out pen.

When I had got as far as I could or wanted to I looked up and out.  Bum.  Our lights that come on as you move i.e. wave your arms around, bulbs had not been replaced.  It was dark.

And it was quite dark.  Think I need to get one of these......


Chris Elliot said...

Jill, I always find your entries amusing. It is gloomy here too but you have given me a chance for a chuckle.

lynney62 said...

I just love your cat, Sith! I love your pics of him! My last cat was all black, shiny, beautiful with green eyes that looked like emeralds...sadly passed on to "Cat Heaven" due to diabetes in 2006....I am still today without a cat...I miss having one but must be very honest and say I do not miss the vet bills. I am retired now and I think my days of sharing life with a cat are over...I will now just admire all the other beautiful cats on our internet world, including Sith! Thanks for sharing the pics! :)

rusty duck said...

It's our turn today. Rain and wind. I think a tree might come down. It was left seriously leaning after the last storm and is being undermined by the river. Shame. It was a lovely colour in autumn.