Monday, 20 November 2017


Sith.  Or to give him is full name Cait Sith.  Gaelic for Fairy Cat.  Which when we got him from Cat Protection he was a wee fairy flying around.  As he grew and grew we forgot the fairy bit and he became Sith cat.

Some years ago the DP and I were at Aberdeen Uni Zoology department for a talk from the RSPB and saw there a stuffed cat in a glass box.

We both said "Thats Sith!"

The Kellas cat is a small black feline found in Scotland, and is an intraspecific hybrid between the Scottish wildcat (Felis silvestris grampia) and the Domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus). Once thought to be a mythological wild cat, with its few sightings dismissed as hoaxes, a specimen was killed by being caught in a snare in 1984 by a gamekeeper named Ronnie Douglas[1][2] and found to be a hybrid between wild and domestic subspecies of Felis silvestris.  Wikepedia.

Sith will probably be our last cat.  He is 15 now.  We have had cats that have lived longer than that.  Every so often he has sneezing and coughing sessions.  Usually in the middle of the night on the bottom of our bed.... We now take him to the vet as soon as we hear that as leaving it it only gets worse.  He gets a jab of antibiotics and is fine for a couple of months.  He always gets a full check up and obviously if he were younger there would be more tests, today they found touching his throat caused him to cough, so there could be something else.  But he eats, drinks and the other and apart from being totally neurotic and an old man set in his ways and not liking changes in the normal household routine he is fine.  He indicates his displeasure at the upset in routine by being particularly whiny which is most annoying but we forgive him.  The vet and us have agreed to leave him be.

Tonight the DP is out and I had to persuade him to sit on the DPs chair in the sitting room on top of the blanket that the DP normally puts on his knee to prevent the pain from the needling from Sith's claws and he SHUT UP and settled.

Well today I had intended to walk.  I drove down to the Prom.  The wind had dropped and the rain was forecast to lessen.  The latter did not.

So I came home.  And then the rain did stop. Ha. 

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kjsutcliffe artist said...

Our weather yesterday did not stop.... continued through the night and surprise surprise we have loads of weather today and not the kind I am fond of either...grey, driech, wet, damp,dreary, dreadful - I could go on..... so later armed with a coffee I shall set off and see how the studio is doing, Himself spent ages last night in the dark trying to find why it is still oozing water - sigh. sending Sith a cat hug, we have one that is rather demanding and requires regular attention on demand... another sigh!