Tuesday, 14 November 2017


A real change in the weather.  Sun, no wind, well not a lot, and a tad warmer.

My walk. On the Prom is quite a lot shorter than I would wish for.  The cold air restricts my breathing.  So I tire quickly.  Today I went a bit further as it was so pleasant.  Tomorrow promises the same so I would like to do the .59.  

However today I had the pleasant experience of engaging in conversation with a woman I see almost every day.  She plods to a bench on the esplanade and gazes out onto the sea.  Today she called me over and asked me why I had the chariot so I explained.  She then went on to say how much she had enjoyed last nights 80s thing put on by Children in Need. Had I seen it?  No.  And how she liked  Aha a Norwegian group who were on last night from Norway.  She had attended concerts in the 8os including two trips to Norway.  This woman and I have passed each other every day almost for a long time then suddenly today she stops me and asks questions which I answer.  And then chats away.  Amazing.  To connect.  I have always respected her fixed gaze out to sea.  If she looked at me, rarely, I beamed.  Must have registered.

On my way back to the car this Rook flew up onto the railing.  I got very close and he carried on posing.

May well be immortalised in a painting!

And these three Redshanks dont you just love 'em, well I do.

Back home and down the shedudio still reorganising and hanging paintings. 

I had intended to group all the sea birds but then thought just get them up.  Then tweak.

So a bit of a mis match, but they are up and far safer than strewn around.  And there are more on the drawing board.


Sue in Suffolk said...

Love that Nuthatch.
So a rook on his own isn't always a crow? That's put paid to my way of telling the difference! Bother now I'll never know which is which

kjsutcliffe artist said...

S'funny who suddenly chooses to speak to you. I walk the dog daily through a local nature reserve as I wait to meet my son from school. There are a number of other dog walkers and we all walk by each other and nod a universal dog walker's grunt of a greeting, then suddenly, out of the blue, one will stop to chat to me at great length about anything and everything :)

Hilary said...

Love the calico cat face!!!