Saturday, 15 February 2014

Weighing it up.

If I am to get the most benefit from the physiotherapy I need to be having an exercise session number 3, which has to be at home.  

Here we go!

Heaviest is 4.5kg.  Which so far I have not lifted during physio and only now to get them out of the box.

There has been much hilarity on the DP's Facebook Page as he told everyone I had come in and said could he get them out of the car as I couldnt lift them. (I even had to ask this slip of a girl in Argos to put them in the car.) Well this was all 6 of em.  In a box.  Which at my guesstimate was lifting my own weight! She did it and I felt so ashamed......


As it says on the box, ankle weights.  These can also be used fastened round a walking stick for arm lifts.

Apart from the exercise bike I can do all the exercises at home.

If you see a blog from me tomorrow you will know I have succeeded!


BadPenny said...

OMG !!!

Anonymous said...

Gulp! That looks REALLY serious. Please don't overdo it, okay?