Monday, 10 February 2014


Last week I was working at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses as our small team have to take the holidays owing to them before the end of the financial year.

Whereas I usually work one day a week, this was two, one after the other.

Now,do not get me wrong.  I absolutely love working in the shop,at the front desk, meeting and greeting.  The first day I spent rearranging the shelves.  Checking stock.   Dusting...whilst thinking about the dust at home.....

The day after more of the same.  And slowly realising I am no longer young.

Meanwhile the Dawn Patroller was entertaining one of the daughters.  This one is particularly interested in Museums,as after getting a Fine Arts Degree she decided to return to University to obtain a qualification in Museums Collections or some such.

 The Museum does have many interesting items,and some beautiful lights.

Our Museum also has a cafe,which transforms into a restaurant Friday and Saturday evenings.

So that is where we went Saturday evening.  At which point I became even more tired....

Before going to bed I had to see this.  The Aurora.  We are so lucky and have had lots of sightings this year.  This one is quite faint.  The brighter yellow light is a reflection from Fraserburgh, I think.  But the green light is the Aurora.  This was about 11p.m.

So Sunday - relaxing - doing what I love most.  Off went the DP and the daughter.  Me down the shedudio.


 Few commissions out of the way.  So can really relax - now what shall I do next?


rusty duck said...

That really is a restaurant with a view.
Get those feet back up.

Terra said...

Yes, we none of us are getting younger. Nice you had time for art on Sunday.

Mum said...

Slow down. More shedudio time needed.
Love from Mum

Victoria Peel said...

Yes.. take it easy .. all that dusting .. not good for the soul!
Paint us some lovely local plants or flowers ... something found along your lovely shores.
Vicky x