Friday, 21 February 2014


Suddenly realised it is nearly March and at the beginning of I am booked for an exhibition.

Many of you know I am quite a prolific painter.  But not so prolific in having work ready to hang I fear.  This involves shelling out for framing..  Counted up what is hanging on the walls of the ancestral home.  Eight.  At a push.  And not ones I really want to flaunt.

One has moved on.....

.Fortunately the DP has been Dawn patrolling.  Sheep across the road,so he didn't have to patrol far.

Plus , a bit further, 

So - plenty of inspiration.

Earlier today I met up with the the other artist who is sharing the exhibition.  She also has eight paintings,acrylic for her, and was in the same panic mode as I.  Which didnt help!

PLUS! A panic request for a painting of a Hairy Coo for someones birthday - at the beginning of March.  AND a request for a painting of someones cat.

I should show you a photo of the shedudio.  A sea of begun, half way through, nearly done, but seeing it would just make me more frantic!


Victoria Peel said...

Frantics a No No ... you can do this ..just prioritise ... no housework (or anything really) .. just paint!

lynn said...

It will all be fine.
I have every faith in you :)
(Is now the time to start praying for you??!!)

Anonymous said...

All will be well and all will be well! I had a visitor here yesterday who RAVED over your "mousie" painting. One thing at a time and before you know it it'll all be ready.

Love the oystercatchers!

Anonymous said...

What Jill hasn't said is that she is also snowed under with meetings and volunteering for the Lighthouse Museum for the next couple of weeks - I'll do the house work

BadPenny said...

Marvelous photos to give you inspiration.
We are holding a mini exhibition of prints at the charity shop at the village community centre next week.