Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Aden Country Park and wobbly legs.

Aden Country Park is located in Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The park has a caravan area with camping, a small shop, a small cafe near the agricultural museum, a play area, a nature garden and a barbecue area.
It is home to the Aberdeenshire Farming Museum, forest walks and a ruined country house. Every year it hosts a pipe band contest which attracts  pipe bands from around Scotland. Wikepedia.

 The Caravan park,cafe and Museum are seasonal.  But the rest of the place is open all year round.

 It is a beautiful place to walk round at any time of the year. 

 The lake.

 The River Ugie.  Very full, as you see below.  We too have had a lot of rain.  But here we have trees to drink it up, and the rivers and dykes and braes are cleared of weeds and sludge by the farmers.  We do get large puddles in the fields but not floods.

 So our wildlife can thrive.  Soon be nesting.

Aden House is a ruin.  But still substantial.

The Aberdeenshire Farming Museum comprises two main features. The early 19th century semi-circular Home Farm steading features interpretations of 20th century Aden Estate through costumed guides, and the "Weel Vrocht Grun" (well worked ground) contains displays about regional farming history and innovations in agriculture over the last two centuries.[1]
The Hareshowe Working Farm was moved to Aden Country Park in the early 1990s. The farmhouse has been restored to a 1950s appearance and guided tours provide demonstrations of cooking and farm activities.  Wikepedia.

The history is well worth looking into.  As is much of Buchan, and North East Scotland.  

For me the best part is the annual Pipe Band Competition.  In August.

Taken very seriously.


 Culminates with massed Pipe Bands.  At which point shivers up the spine.  And wobbly legs.


Meggie said...

Lovely area to visit...wish I could attend the pipe band competition! Maybe next year...

BadPenny said...

That looks like a wonderful area for a visit. Bet the bagpipes make a massive sound !

Laura Amy said...

Do love a good wander around Aden Park (I was just there the other day, in fact), but have yet to make it to the pipe band event -- not sure my ear drums could handle it!

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Ooh I do love the sound of a massed pipe band, pipes and drums, even better. Totally with you on the shivers up the spine!

rusty duck said...

Love that first photo with the birch trees reflected in the lake. It would make a good painting.

Terra said...

I would be thrilled to see and hear the bands in person; how exciting for you and for all. It is sad to see the large estate house ruined, there is a story there I am sure.