Monday, 24 February 2014

Many a slip twixt cup and lip...

Our nearest village(s) is Cairnbulg which is on one side of the main road in and Inverallochy is on the other side of the main road in..  

Very strange.  

Inverallochy has the post office and the school.  Cairnbulg has the local mini supermarket/off licence and the library, and also has the harbour.  There is also a hairdressers to your left,which is in Cairnbulg, and an ice cream shop, and possibly a few more retail outlets I have missed.  Inverallochy also has a golf course, a very ancient one.

The DP often patrols around Cairnbulg.  Its quicker than going to T****s for the daily paper.  Plus he gets lots of photographs of sea birds,

 and in the harbour which is mainly for small boats, he sees seals, and I of course can then paint from all his photographs.

Whilst on a recent perambulation he saw this.

 At the other side of which and through the windows can be seen this.

 So we are off to have a look see at the house.  With a view to going through all the stress, surveyors,  solicitors, builders, plumbers, window replacement etc. we thought we would never ever have to do again before I was placed gently into the septic tank.

Now why ? I hear you asking.  Well, apart from just being plain daft, and this house needs a hell of a lot doing to it, so there is rescuing an unloved old house which we have done before. Bu this one  has not got a vast garden.... I have spent a lifetime gardening, but can no longer do it. The one we have now was beautiful and could be again, but -not by me.

But - many a slip......


Anonymous said...

That is a take-on Jill, but hey-ho, life's for living, and those! xxx

justjill said...

Aye..... Must be mad.

rusty duck said...

It looks lovely, but not too close to the sea? Getting stormier these days..

BadPenny said...

Oh the view !

You've really captured that seal Jill, beautiful x

Marjorie said...

Good luck. Will you be closer to the lighthouse with this move?

Mum said...

Enjoy the adventure.
Love from Mum