Monday, 3 February 2014

Fun and Enjoyment.

Here is the Dawn Patroller.  And no he didnt get wet.  The photograph was taken by one of his mates.  Much hilarity all round.  So I thought I would share it with you.

My latest commission which I am really enjoying.  
 How many cat owners are there????  How much time have I Ieft????

The powers of facebook.  I am quietly tootling along and sent the beginning of the painting then stage 2 which the above is and the owner posted it.  Not realising there is every chance I will totally wreck it before I am finished.  So its cats for the foreseeable future.

I do keep intending to join in the 52 week tasks to do or whatever it is, check it out on Mums Simply Living blog, and no I am not doing links as I dont know how to and its too late in the day for me to struggle with it,  I havent even got time to write a list!!  Top of the list is 100 Allium bulbs to get in before the end of January.  Excuse - the weather. Surely a good excuse.  Oh God, just remembered there were 50 snowdrop bulbs came with the alliums....

I manage to find a bit of time to read everyone elses blogs.  And am totally amazed as to how much they pack in.

However,I do have a Hyacinth bowl and I have just got a Slow Cooker. Havent thrown anything into it yet.  And my orchids are all flowering again, and I am saving every odd coin in my purse, but I do need to prune the roses,which despite 70 mph winds are still blooming, all the herbs are flowering,so should chop them back, and reconstruct the garden and turn the compost bins.  I havent even got time to find a wood supplier , we are now burning the wood shed.

Its Fun and Enjoyment but I fear I am not a proper blogger.



BadPenny said...

The Allium will make a wonderful display. I saw the few snowdrops I put in last year on Sunday when I actually managed to get some gardening done.

I did get wet - all down my back & legs - freezing sea water !

Mum said...

I think you've got enough tasks to be going on with, don't you. Forget about writing a list.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Fantastic but slightly scary photo of the DP!