Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Kinnaird Head Wine Tower.

The Wine Tower
The Wine Tower is the oldest building in Fraserburgh and is described as "remarkable and mysterious". It contains an extraordinary collection of ceiling bosses including representations of the Fraser coat of arms. The original use of the building is unknown and there are various local stories about the tower. Entry to the public is only allowed on special open days organized by The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.

As it is now, above.  And below.

For the last two years, on  Halloween, a special event is held.  Holding lanterns and with no other light, visitors are taken round the castle and lighthouse and to the wine tower.

 Legend tells us that Isobel the daughter of Alexander Fraser (c1536 to 1623) 8th laird of Philorth had fallen in love with a servant piper, and that the laird was not happy about this.  So to separate the two the laird had the piper tied-up in the cave under the Wine Tower known as Selches Hole (Seals Hole).  The laird then locked-up his daughter in the uppermost floor of the tower (The chapel) and retired to Kinnaird Castle.  Unfortunately for the servant there was an abnormally high tide due to a storm, and the poor man drowned.  When Isobel the laird’s daughter was informed of her lover’s fate, she was distraught and committed suicide by jumping from the top of the tower onto the rocks below.  The rock that she fell on is still painted red to this day.  It is said that Isobel is seen prior to bad weather, and when the weather is bad it is said that you can hear the skirl of the pipes being played by the ghost of the piper for his lost love. Web Historian.

 We went the first year the Halloween event took place and thoroughly enjoyed it.  At the end of the above tale we were supposed to hear the skirl of the pipes,played by Danny the piper.   After a long silence we realised this was not about to happen.

Why?  Because Danny thought he had seen a ghost.

The above is the , very boring and small, working lighthouse.  The wine tower is to the right.  In the dark,of course,the light was working and as it swung round it projected Dannys shadow onto the rocks beyond........He made it back to the museum in 10 seconds.....

 We have all suffered from this Winter's storms.  Sadly so have the surrounds of the Wine Tower.

But it is still standing.  And so is Danny.


Mum said...

I'm so glad that he's all right. Mind gone, but still in one piece!!!

Love from Mum

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BadPenny said...

Poor Danny. We were desperate to see a ghost on our night walk around Edinburgh - alas none were playing that night !

Meggie said...

I'm delighted to have found your blog....