Sunday, 16 February 2014

And breathe.....

Well I did it.

I warmed up.  Worked my way through the exercises. (Huffed and puffed, not necessarily in the right places, you breathe in while not doing anything then breathe out when you lift, or exert.  Find this bonkers.)

Does this bloke look as if he is exhaling???

And she is just taking the p***

Neither of the two above had what I had to contend with.

 One very worried cat.  Who proceeded to join in with the marching exercise.  This led to him repeatedly tripping me up, by weaving in and out of me legs, and me being incapable of continuing as I was laughing so  much.

So I warmed down and then went to the shed.  And watched paint dry.

 Whooper Swan, presumably breathing in ?

 Two Hares breathing in?
Dog, definitely breathing out.


  Red Grouse,wet and shivering.

And breathe.



Mum said...

He doesn't look as though he's worrying to me - more 'not amused' I would say. I hope you are feeling very pleased with yourself. Now you've just got to keep the exercise up.
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

Well done Jill, glad you get a treat after in your den x