Sunday, 17 November 2013

Grampian Transport Museum.

On Friday I was driven to Alford by the Business Manager of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses.  In his BMW we must be paying him too much.

We did not follow the map as above.  It is a far pleasanter route to go across country from Fraserburgh in a somewhat meandering, but quicker way than going into Aberdeen and out again.  Particularly as first heading that way there was the too frequent major road crash, blue lights, and traffic at a standstill.  So we meandered.  Lots of Autumnal beautiful trees, views of the hills, nay mountains (?) .

Mither Tap at Bennachie.

Arrived at the Grampian Transport Museum.  This closes in the Winter.  So we got a personal guided tour from the equivalent of our Business Manager.  Preceded by a very interesting chat about how they do things, how we do things.  Extremely worthwhile.

Now I love Lighthouses, as you are all aware, and I am not that bothered about transport.  If a car has four wheels and starts when I turn the key I dont care what make it is, but wowee the exhibits here were totally fascinating.

 Jimmy Connelley's motor bike.


Chitty chitty bang bang.

 A Dalek, escaped from Doctor Who.  

This chap is all wired up to light the annual bonfire!

There was so much to see, so many unique exhibits.  

I found myself thinking, "Goodness I remember driving one of them, so I must be vintage."  
 Lorries from the past, vehicles from the beginning to the present, fascinating.

I shall certainly go back for a longer look.  You could spend a whole day there and more.

Here is one for Laurie, I love a Cloudy Day blogspot.  (Her owl paintings are far superior.)
This is a Screech Owl nesting from a photograph by Bill Westheimer.
Three French Hens to become this year's Christmas Card.

How many days left?  Have I got time to paint the whole of the 12?  Although I can never remember in what order they are in towards the end, how many pipers?  How many Lords?  Aaaaaaargh.


BadPenny said...

I love your Three french Hens.
aah Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - lovely.

Mum said...

3 French Hens, 2 Friends a-driving and an Owl nesting in a hole-ly tree!
Love from Mum

rusty duck said...

Twas good of you to sit in that motorbike for us..
Love the hens!

justjill said...

I think the model in the bike was supposed to be Pamela Stephenson. Mum, you are really into this singing lark.......Brilliant.

Marjorie said...

Love your French Hens and that beautiful drive through your countryside.