Saturday, 2 November 2013

Winter Opening Hours.

After seven months of being in pain with a trapped nerve in his back the Dawn Patroller is back on track.  (Dawn is now later of course so that helps.)

But now he is back to startling the natives.

In the fields  ....

on the defunct railway line....

and, as dawn breaks off go the pink footed geese up and away to feed.

Nothing to do with the DP.  They do this every morning, having arrived to spend the Winter with us.  Roosting at the Loch of Strathbeg to where they return each evening.  Around the 30,000 mark, a magnificent sight, and sound.

Some of the touristy places also go onto winter opening hours in that they shut.  Sheesh.  When we did b&b we still had tourists, sometimes wanting to stay at Christmas!  

The Lighthouse Museum closes Mondays and Tuesdays so we can all catch up with cleaning, sorting, drawing breath, completing tasks we cannot finish while being open.  The cafe is open every day.  I am now doing almost a full day on a Saturday.  Manning the front desk, playing shop, and helping tourists make the most of their stay in this part of Scotland.  
(Some of my long time readers will remember problems I had with the local mafia (joke, joke,) had a little reminder of how strange their ideas are when I was asked if I needed the money as I was always at the museum.  VOLUNTEER DOES NOT GET PAID.  SORRY FOR RANT BUT REALLY,.....I have discovered that some of the previous VOLUNTEERS, were in fact paid under the previous manager!!!!  Wonder if thats the source of me being frozen out as they thought I was nicking their money.)

Our restaurant is doing well, only open Friday and Saturday evenings, always fully booked.  Sadly there wont be sunsets during the winter as its set!

Winter opening hours also vastly reducing my time in the shedudio.

In the Summer I aim to get down there at 2p.m.  Around 5p.m. I just sit, after three hours of 'work' painting, drawing and then just watch the fields and the birds and the sky, turn up the opera and luxuriate in the voice of Pavarotti, usually.  And become whole again. (so fortunate no-one else can hear or be annoyed.)

Now I have to get down there at 1p.m. to get two hours in. My hour of doing nothing is in the dark!

And I am struggling therefore as "What do I have to give ?" As Christmas gifts? As the song goes, "Give my heart..."  Plan was my paintings.  But, here is a blow on my own trumpet, I am selling the ones I have, and with very little daylight how do I replace them?  

Now I was gob smacked at selling the Stoat.  I liked it, it made me smile.

 Both the above went to the same purchaser.

 I know Laurie will understand but the sale of the latter was hard, very hard.

Time to take up the knitting again, winter opening hours - all change.


Terra said...

Those flocks of geese are soul stirring as they rise up together, and I am glad the Dawn Patroller is back on patrol. The place you volunteer sounds like a great resource and place to visit.

BadPenny said...

Wonderful photos from the DP. I volunteer at the shop because I enjoy it - payment in fun !

rusty duck said...

Yep, glad to hear the DP has recovered and is back out and about. I would love to see those geese. I hate winter though. The only thing it has going for it is that opportunity to slow down a bit. I'll be getting my needles back out too.

BadPenny said...

Hi Jill thanks for your comment. Some Blogs I look at now tell they are private but sometimes I can see them - crazy ! Not too sure about the allergic reaction - dyes / latex / nuts. I have an Epipen now.

I thought of you when I got my Shedudio home ! It's going to take a lot of work & have to move my young cherry tree so I have to decide whether to go ahead as when our office is repaired, I can have crafting room there. ( But wasn't going to let it be dumped ! )

justjill said...

Penny just glad you are ok, and if it ever happens again you will be ok. We all need a shedudio!