Monday, 11 November 2013

Keeping going.

This chap appeared out of the blue (black) after many years absence, thankfully he's on his way out much quicker than in the past.  

I do think he is departing much quicker as I now have my art to balance my life.

How I wish I had had it years ago.

These are very small paintings.  Coal Tit being blown off the log outside our kitchen window.  And an Oyster Catcher sitting snug in the shelter of rocks.

I sold my painting of Oyster Catchers last week.

And subsequently have been asked for another picture of Oyster Catchers.  

Well if that doesn't keep me going....


Anonymous said...

Love the bluetit painting most of all, but as always, they are all good. The black dog visits me too, so I'm sorry to hear he's been making his presence known at yours. Glad to hear he's slingin' his hook now though. Thinking of you, you know where I am. xxx

Anonymous said...

Sorry...I meant to say coal tit. Oops. xxx

Anonymous said...


Lynn said...

Creativity does sort out the old black dog days doesn't it? I don't know what I'd do without the contents of my craft room :)Coal tit looks fab. Don't know why but we suddenly have large numbers of
goldfinches - we usually have 3 or 4 at a time but we now have 15 or so?
Much love as always.

BadPenny said...

The black dog was here for two months 'til I kicked him out & joined an exercise class. Still not crafting though.
Now I'm well & taking up the slack for a poorly friend - funny how life goes but not so funny at the time of the black dog.
Thinking of you & wishing you well xx