Saturday, 23 November 2013


 Some of the Scottish Accordion Group.  Out of sight, i.e. not on the stage but in front of it were more, and fiddlers.  Some of my followers may remember last year when the DP and I went to their first visit to Lonmay Public Hall.  I was quite amazed that there were still as many of them, given the average age.......

This is our butcher.  Ian. 

 Who was also a story teller.  I find that I can now understand almost all the Doric!  So 
instead of just laughing when everyone else did I now know what I am laughing at!!

Last year I had to be removed as I was laughing hysterically at the antics of the drummer.
He is now 93 and still not missing a beat.

This lady is just waiting to be discovered and do the equivalent of Pam Ayres but in Doric.  (Should explain that Doric is the Scots language used hereabouts.)

Some hilarious poetry, including one about a chuckie (stone) in the shoe.

This is a picture of the Lonmay Public Hall.  Taken in the daylight.  Try and imagine it is night, there are no street lights.  It is a narrow country lane.  Great fun parking, then finding your car afterwards!

A great evening.  So funny that our nearest neighbour and I had a catch up chat there. Well when you live a fair bit from your nearest neighbour......  There were others there we had a great claik with (chat).  

The other bit of shenanigans this week.  Dalrymple Hall,  where our art group meets, is being rewired.  So we are currently meeting at the new Community Sports and Leisure Centre.

In the staff kitchen......  Bit cramped.  But dry.

I do have a swimming costume, which has never been wet.  Hmmmm.



Mum said...

Go on, dive in!
Love from Mum


Just love the village hall ... I'm afraid my days of swimming are over ... I hate the'getting changed in a cold damp changing room bit' ..

Vicky x

BadPenny said...

It has to be clear blue sea over white sand to get me in though the cossie does get wet at a spar day !

Marjorie said...

Neat. A friend comments on FAcebook in Doric and it takes me some time to figure out what she is talking about.