Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lighthouse Museum doings and the dreaded C word.

I haven't posted about the Lighthouse Museum for some time.  Always lots happening.  We have a very small team of extremely loyal and dedicated staff who work their socks off.

A recent addition has turned out to be a star.

Not only is he an excellent guide, a really nice person, fitted in so well with our small team, he is an ace photographer.

This is today's storm approaching, taken from the top of the Kinnaird Head Lighthouse.

This one is the other view from the Lighthouse.  Now is than not stunning?  

His, and others expertise in photography got us thinking.....

In February it is the 25th anniversary of the highest wind speed ever recorded in Great Britain, 142 mph.  That would not just have taken off my shedudio roof, but the whole shebang.

So the plan is.... The Broch Storm Photography Competition

To remember the storm of 13th February 1989 which saw the fastest sea level gust of wind ever recorded in the UK at the Kinnaird Head Lighthouse at 142mph we are launching a "Broch Storm Photography Competition" to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the day on 13th February 2014. All competition entries will displayed in a Broch Storm Exhibition to run at the Museum from 13th February until Easter.

My next exhibition planned is in April (but thats another story).  So it is nice to have this to work on. 

In between there will be the Kids Christmas Card Challenge.  Entries close next weekend and we have then to choose a winner, who's design will become the official Christmas Card for the Museum, and they get lots of goodies for designing.

Meanwhile I have been designing my own Christmas Card which will be based on Three French Hens, I draw the line at 11 Lords a Leaping et al, three is a good number.

So where are you all at in your Christmas Preparations?  So far I have bought one present.  Thinking about making what seems like an unsurmountable number, and trying to convince myself, this happens every year, and you always come through.

I have arranged a wreath making morning at the Lighthouse Museum early December, now then, would all my relatives like a wreath - I can think of some I would like to ....... stop it, Tis the season to be Merry, Good Will to all Men, Women and Children.


Mum said...

I am crocheting madly for Christmas and making fabric wrapping bags. I've made the Christmas cake and scones and biscuits for a Christmas party, so I'm in full swing and it's not yet December.
Love from Mum


The photos are just fab .. I do admire anyone who understands such things and can take wonderful pic's. I'm afraid I just point and shoot.
I think I can rather Brag !! I have most of my Christmas pressies bought and dispatched to Santas little helpers ... it seems prudent to dispatch with visiting family members .. rather than post .. the cost of postage!

Vicky x

Anonymous said...

what amazing photos, oh my gosh, breath taking!

Terra said...

I always enjoy popping in for a visit here, especially when you share dramatic sea and lighthouse photos.
One Christmas thing I did was to buy two hand knit scarves made by our church knitters, and all the money goes to help people. So that is a win win all around.

Anonymous said...

Recovering here from palpitations...."the dreaded c word" in our family means cancer not Christmas! To say I'm relieved that's what you were talking about doesn't even cover it!

Fabulous photos, what a talented person! xx

BadPenny said...

Your new volunteer sounds like a great asset - super photos & good idea for an exhibition.
I haven't really done much except think about Christmas presents yet.

justjill said...

So sorry to use big C in title, really did not mean to upset anyone. Everyone does seem far more prepared than I for 25th December.

rusty duck said...

Jill, I haven't done a thing.

Anonymous said...

Like Tina, my heart was in my mouth for a moment! Those photos are beautiful and marking the big storm is a very interesting idea. Christmas preparations are underway here, despite the protestations of my daughter who says "It isn't December!" Yes, but I enjoy taking my time over writing cards and choosing and wrapping presents... so I can enjoy December.