Monday, 4 November 2013

Scary !

Photograph of a sleeping Screech Owl by Bill Westheimer.  I occasionally see photographs and think I would like to paint that, (usually the Dawn Patrollers)  In this instance I contacted the photographer - across the pond - and asked his permission to paint from the photo.  Now I do know we do not have these in Buchan.... Anyroads he must have checked out what I do and came back with a Yes, and, when I have done it wants it sending so he can print it off for his website.  Now that latter part is SCARY.

 This is a windsurfer off the Fraserburgh Beach yesterday.  60 mph gusts of wind.  Scary.

Because at the same time this was happening a few miles south.

Halloween has been spread out over a few days.  The Lighthouse Museum had its evening of ghost stories tours.  As we went last year on the first of such events when it was oversubscribed we did not go.  My lungs would not have got me far this year.

However, the evening after, the DP went to Aden Country Park for Aden-een.

And we still have Bonfire Night to come!

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BadPenny said...

Wow Wee those fireworks !
Hope you are OK Jill.
My God that boat keeling over.... Husband is on a boat delivery - very sensibly has called into a port today & decided to leave the boat there... I think a few rums... or whiskeys will be drunk ( two Scots together )

How fab about photo / painting !