Monday, 25 November 2013


I recently attended a course on Perspective.  I did very well.  Thought I had now grasped it.  Vanishing points , yeah, easy.  

This photograph appeared on facebook.  After contacting the photographer, and receiving the permission to have a go at immortalising it in water colour, I began.  
Well, the first attempt had the cottage roof going in totally the wrong direction.  If someone could tell me which horizon you use to line up with I would be most grateful.  I realised where I was going wrong and found the 'horizon'.  Started again, cottage looked amazing, even the chimney...... all the other roofs were fine, so how come the lighthouse was totally wrong??  Was there a different horizon?  Surely there is only one?

I am now onto my third attempt.  Not like me to persevere.  If it dont work its on the wall of infamy.  Which indeed, is where number one and two have gone.  But I am blowed if this is going to defeat me.

Meanwhile, I got to thinking about perspective.  Me being deep, No!  

Recently  I have wondered how wrong my perspective on human beings is.  My horizon would be a level playing field with caring, respect, open minds, working together for the best for everyone.  How weird that some peoples perspective is not the same.  (Just been going through a bad time.)

I think the birds have it right.  

Lets get together and have some fun.  With no harm to anyone, and anyone can share in the view of us having fun and enjoy. 


Mum said...

I'm up for that!
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

It's good to look at perspective sometimes. Sorry to hear you've been having a bit of a bad time x

Anonymous said...

amazing photos, I struggle with perspective and have convinced myself that when I have a winner its pure luck and nothing to do with my skill,