Wednesday, 20 November 2013


On Monday the DP and I drove into Aberdeen.

 The occasion was to meet our two youngest daughters and our granddaughter.  P has travelled up from Lincoln to stay with eldest sister A in Edinburgh, wherein also reside the other two, E and C.  We met in a lovely cafe that I was introduced to by Christine a bloggy friend, Writing from Scotland.

Grandma and Granddad.

 Daughter P and granddaughter.

 Youngest daughter.
 Show her a camera and you get this big cheesy grin.

A lovely day.

Part of which was spent in Primark.

And I was bought this lovely jumper!

(pictured on the day after when I had me hair done.)

  Spare moments since then.

The gorgeous seal pup, now losing his baby fluff.

And the second of this years Christmas cards, a Partridge (red legged) and a Pear Tree.

Next two days on more serious stuff being a trustee at the Lighthouse Museum.

Nice to have these lovely family interludes, and the painting of course.


Mum said...

I see one proud Grandma (and Granddad of course). Happy Days.
Love from Mum

busybusybeejay said...

Lovely to get the family together.Love the cheesy grin.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you have! And I immediately recognised those railings. Nice to think you were all there.

Lovely seal!

Anonymous said...

beautiful family, I love that cheesy smile, lol, your jumper looks so soft and cosy.
Your painting is amazing, its a joy to see,

BadPenny said...

Looks like a great meet up you had.
Your seal is gorgeous - love him.
Are you going to paint all twelve days of Christmas ?

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Youngest daughter looks very like the DP I think! Nice new jumper and hair do too! :) Love your artwork, we had a red-legged partridge in the driveway the other day, what a beautiful wee thing it was. xx

BadPenny said...

PS I like your " Selfie " and very clever to match the flower in the vase to your outfit x