Monday, 1 July 2013

What happened next...

Now, some of you may have thought I had been lying down in a darkened room since my last blog, BEING A PERFECT HOUSEWIFE, well, no.  

I did consider it, but then the rest of my life took over.  Housewife tasks, 1%, 99% doing other things far more interesting.

Above pen and ink.

Charcoal and chalk pencil.

Using up some small mounts I had from my lovely framer, Doug Irvine.

Tuesday, Lighthouse Museum.   

Our chef, Kipras putting the finishing touches to his desserts... yum

Library collecting books on Sea Birds for the Kids Activity Mornings.   Some painting.

Wednesday, Art group in the morning. And planning our next En Plein air at Strichen.

Which also has the Lodge Cafe for lunch!

Hope its not snowing on Wednesday!
Thursday I painted the putty on the buoy lanterns in the cafe at the Lighthouse Museum.

If I could find the picture.... perhaps next time.

Also met with volunteers for the Kids Activity Mornings to fine tune our activities.

Friday, met with VISIT SCOTLAND, who are to relocate their Visitor Information Centre to the Lighthouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yay.

Then did my usual stint in the Museum, front desk, welcoming, selling stuff from the shop, and stocked the shelves.

Saturday, then I did collapse.  Also Sunday, not much better, but on both days I did some gardening and a lot of admiring.

Today I was given a chair, for my shedudio.

I can move round the whole place without getting out of the chair!!!!!!!!!!

What happened next.. well could be me shooting out of the door and flattening all the flowers.  

So there you have it, my week.  Well most of it.  The Dawn Patroller continues to struggle with his leg, in great pain most of the time, tho he has done a bit of gardening, but should not really be doing it, and no dawn patrolling.  Tomorrow he visits a physio.  Fingers crossed.  He also travelled in a white van to Manchester to move one of the daughters back to Edinburgh.  Hmm.  Hopefully back to normal soon and we see some of his ace photos.  I wonder what will happen next - well actually there is quite a lot on its way.

But for now, I know its Monday, but what a week, so glass of red.  I am retired, yeah!? 

Lets all wait to see what happens next.  


rusty duck said...

Ahhh, puffins. Lovely.

BadPenny said...

Busy busy ! Poor DP - hope physio works.
You paintings & drawings look great all framed up.

That young chef needs a higher table to work on - his poor back !

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just catching up here, and I see you're as busy as ever Jill!

Anonymous said...

Your art is fab and you have the art/housework balance just right I think. Sorry about the DP's back. And a big Hooray for the Visitor Information Centre being relocated to the Lighthouse Museum! That is such a logical thing and will be a plus in so many ways.

Enjoy your chair!

Mum said...

Just another dull week I see!! There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do all we want (forget about the housework).

Get well soon for the DP.
Love from Mum