Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wildlife and Weather.

 The Dawn Patroller has just returned from his latest jaunt.  A bit further afield this time, he visited Oban to stay with his sister, who also takes photographs.


Unlike here, on the East, you do not have to risk life and limb to photograph Puffins, though you might still do some damage to yourself tripping over one.


Dolphins played around their ferry boat.


Unlike our nearest castle, up the road, this one, Duart Castle is not in ruins.


Our cows have short back and sides.


Both sides of the country have had some torrential downpours.


Definitely required.  As can be witnessed by this waterfall, normally a torrent filling the screen.


What a shame there were no basking sharks.  They were all here, with us on the East.

Tomorrow it is wild life of a different kind, our last Kids Activity Morning of the Summer.



Anonymous said...

such amazing photos, wow, what a place to be,

BadPenny said...

Puffins & Highland cattle make me smile.
Husband always informs me the names of Scottish castles used in films... was Duart in Highlander or Entrapment ? I forget ! ( husband does like to repeat himself ! )

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos! Thanks for sharing them with us. And good luck with the children tomorrow. x

BadPenny said...

.... husband tells me Duart Castle was used in the filming of " When eight bells toll " and " Entrapment " He pointed it out it from our ferry to Mull.