Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Art - En Plain Air at Strichen.

Today our Art Group went to the great outdoors.

Strichen community Park Company was formed in 1994 to take ownership of and develop the site of a derelict brick works into a Community Park.  The park provides a recreational, social and environmental resource to a wide cross section of the local community.
The project is to develop the park for community benefit by building a café and interpretive centre on the site of the original derelict Gate Lodge, providing a year-round meeting place, recreation facility, art and craft retail outlet and tourist attraction.
Well, they did all that and extremely well.

The Lake.  Lots of Ducks, Moorhens, Black headed gulls, and a pair of swans, one still sitting on a nest on the island.

We all found a convenient place to sit.  It was a lovely weather day, despite one dressed up as a monk, she was worried about sun burn....

That's me above, you have to wear a hat when outdoors, perhaps not such a big hat, but it was only £2 in Tescos last year.

Above is the Lodge which is now transformed into a superdelicious cafe.

Here we all are waiting for our grub.  Well worth the wait.

Goats Cheese Quiche.

 Cesar Salad.

Roast Beef Sandwich with horseradish, salad and Methlick leaves.

The Lodge 'Fry Up'.


Back to earth, literally.  In the afternoon I planted some willow cuttings.  Donated by a friend who uses them to make charcoal from I planted these 'whips'  and am assured that they will grow like fury.

And fill this gap between our two Poplar trees and create a wind break........
Then - I should be able to seat myself outside, en plein air and draw and paint, just mulling over whether we too should have a lake........


Laura Amy said...

mmmm, love a wee trip to Strichen Lodge! I'm curious to see if that swan ever gets up from its nest though..

justjill said...

Not a lot of hope Laura Amy, most cygnets are out and about by now, but past years they have had large broods.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect day....and the food looked yummy! xx

Mum said...

Yeah, go for it!
Love from Mum