Monday, 24 June 2013

The Perfect Housewife.

Ah - when this was my bible.  
Now it may surprise you but this is what I aspired to some years ago.

But after many years of running a 3 star bed and breakfast, (which I fought and lost to make four star,) I gave up.  I gave up cooking three course evening meals,  I gave up ironing, I gave up welcoming all and sundry through my front door.  Greeting them with with a full on smile as they were the most important person in my world.  No longer. (Tho anyone coming through my door is still the most important person as I have invited them!)

But, I read all the blogs, I read about people making things, growing things, weeding, saving money, menu planning, and I look round and think........

So every so often I feel that surge of energy and bring out the vinegar, the bicarb, the beeswax, and go berserk.

So, this morning, I blitzed all the leather settees and chair (the D.P.'s chair).

Beeswaxed the window sill in the sitting room.

E clothed every surface.  (All paintings for sale!)

Including the 'orrid shiny surfaces in the Dining Room (inherited I hasten to add.)  But then, in there we have a fridge, freezer, in addition to the ones in the kitchen.  Wine coolers x two, lots of storage space for cutlery, crockery, glasses, booze, games, cds, coffee maker, my piano, so not all that bad really.

Cleaned and polished my lovely style icon light, are you taking note Mum!? Piano, and cat, on leather recliner, well who better, cats are good at reclining are they not.

More of the b***** shiny stuff.

Thats it then for a while.  

Collapsed down the shedudio.

Waiting for paint to dry on various works in progress had another go with the charcoal.

Never be the Perfect Housewife, do I care? No.


Mum said...

Love the big 'shiny' lamp over the chair. Yes I noticed! You didn't notice the dust on my lamps though did you? Now I'm going to have to go round dusting. Two wine coolers, eh! Hey, hey - here's to polishing the lot off - now there's the perfect house wife!
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

I feel exhausted just reading about your cleaning blitz!

I bet your B&B guests loved staying with you. I have very fond memories of certain stays I've had in B&Bs, and although cleanliness is important, my memory is chiefly of the warm welcome that the owners gave us.

I remember in the 1980s when the term "housewife" was considered very derogatory and women used to say "I'm not married to my house!" But I think taking loving care of one's house (within reason) is a very good thing to do. As long as the whole point is to relax there, and be at home.

Anonymous said...

amen to that! lifes to short!

rusty duck said...

Love the dining room table and chairs. Very arty.

BadPenny said...

Wow ! How did you get the leather so polished ? mine is so dull now.