Sunday, 7 July 2013

Beginning of life and end of day.

The nest box is four strides away from our kitchen window.

Which our predecessors erected on the electric pole, and we said, "Well no bird is going to use that there."  
We pass there frequently.  
Some of the bird feeders are also outside the kitchen window and are extremely busy with birds ranging in size up to Rooks.

But twas done.  Cherry Cottage does its bit for the endangered House Sparrow.  As this is the second brood.

What amazing weather we are having!  Yesterday our temperature was 21 degrees.  Today a more sensible 16.

In the morning I put up my first solo art exhibition at the Lighthouse Museum.  Aye.  Came home and kept finding pieces I had forgot.  So I will be back again in the Morn.  (This means tomorrow in Doric, not morning, another thing I got terribly confused with recently, turning up for a meeting in the morning that was actually in the afternoon. Hey ho.)

Another benefit from this glorious weather is the sunset.  I wish you a productive, peaceful and happy week.  And some views of the sunset in the North East of Scotland.


Mum said...

Love from Mum

thequiethomeblog said...

Hope your exhibition goes well! Great photos too, as always. :)

BadPenny said...

Wonderful pictures of the birds in houses.
Too hot for me today so vegged out & pottered in my garden then watched the Wimbledon final ( with a Scottish husband who was over the moon ! )

rusty duck said...

So glad sparrows can't read.

christinelaennec said...

Beautiful photos! All the best for your exhibition.