Monday, 15 July 2013

The Hidden Corner - lets reveal it.

Like many other small towns, Fraserburgh is struggling. 

We are fortunate in that we still have a variety of independent shops.  Butchers.  The one we frequent, Ian McIntosh, has his own cows and sheep which he cares for, arranges their death and then carves them up for our delectation.  Sorry to all vegetarian readers, but these animals are cared for.  I witness it every day, they have a wonderful life. Yes, they die for us to eat them.  But then they wouldnt even exist if we didnt want to eat them.  Mr McIntosh also supplies the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses Restaurant.  I do wonder if those who constantly knock those of us trying to promote the town actually support our small traders, small as opposed to Tesco/Lidl.

There are also many small businesses who provide craft materials, wedding outfits, electrical goods, shoes, and an old fashioned sweetie shop, jewellers, newsagents, etc.  Not bad, for a small town to hang on to them.  And the cafes.

But much of the rest of the town centre is boarded up shops.  

Then again we do have the usual for small towns, many charity shops.  

A few chemists, including a Boots, who some of the more depressive of our residents maintain are only there to dish out methadone. 

Forgetting that many people actually do need regular drugs not necessarily to create a high, just to live, and indeed have a life that is reasonably okay.   Including me.

We have a very large contingent of residents who are vociferous in constantly bringing up the down side of our town no matter what or who is trying, very hard, to uplift the town and what it has to offer.  One facebook page is Brochers and Proud of it.  Well, most of the input is on dog ****. even horse **** people taking booze onto the beach, having barbecues, ok, the ones who dont clear up after themselves deserve to be lambasted.  But really...... Lets look at the plus side sometime.  We have a beautiful beach.  No problem with barbecues so long as people take their rubbish home.

 People enjoying their singing and sharing it.

 What a beautiful smile!

So a group of business people struggling to survive got together with the Council and others and set up SUPER SATURDAYS.  The first was around businesses and showcased the different ones within and without the Broch (local name for Fraserburgh.)  Success.
Lots of visitors.

The second one this last Saturday was on Sport and was very successful.

 There was a wall for people to climb up.  Showcasing sport.  Others showcased their sport and the massive availability we have .  Not forgetting.....


A local Chocolatier.


 Plants and Herbs.

 Cheeses. Local.

 Says it all.  The Businesses did well. There were lots more than I have pictured.

 Not just wall climbing, but surfing, cricket, soccer,indoor bowling, outdoor bowling oh just everything and we have it all here in Fraserburgh!

It is just a bit sad that there is this great upsurge of wanting to promote Fraserburgh as a great destination for tourists, a wonderful place to live as a resident and there are these constant gripes against moving forwards.  Forward Fraserburgh.

We have a fantastic clean beach.

We have the Museum of Scottish Lighthouse Museum.

Which hosts weddings, art exhibitions, kids activity mornings and so much more.

The Heritage Centre. 

 Just go on their website!  the stuff they have in their place is fascinating.

We have the  fascinating working Harbour where everyone is so friendly and approachable, you would be welcomed on board on some of the boats.  You can see nets being repaired, lobster pots being cleaned, the fish market, mind boggling.

Not far away are more interesting places to visit, castles, fishing villages, stately homes.

Frequently seen porpoise, basking sharks, dolphins and killer whale pods.  Tons of sea birds.

Not forgetting inland.  Deer, Hares, Pheasants, Cows with calves, sheep, lambs. short eared owls, herons, bitterns, I could go on.

The Loch of Strathbeg our RSPB reserve is a few minutes away from Fraserburgh, even nearer are the Waters of Philorth.  

Want golf?  Take your pick from some amazing golf courses, Fraserburgh, Inverallochy.....

So, the Hidden Corner.  I live here and I welcome anyone who wants to experience it.

But I do get totally fed up with those who knock down what some of us are trying to do.

So, Welcome everyone who wants to experience one of the most beautiful places on the planet, the most friendly people, clean air, clean beaches, history, nature, wildlife, birdlife, golf, surfing, fishing, whatever you want, and dinna worry the moaners ah nae fash yersel.


Terra said...

Your town sounds like my kind of town, clean beaches, downtown working to attract visitors, local butcher raising his own cattle, etc. Don't let the nay sayers get you down, every place on earth has them. We live on the west coast of California and I walk or drive along the ocean every day. Love that beauty, and your lighthouse museum.

rusty duck said...

You do a great job through your blog Jill, you've certainly put the Broch on the map for me.

Mum said...

You paint a great picture of your town.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

I've been involved in various organisations - parent groups, special interest groups, the church - and there are always grumblers. But I agree with Terra, just ignore them and focus on all the good that's happening - as you've done in this post. (Dare I say it, sometimes it takes an outsider to appreciate things a bit more? Or maybe it's nothing to do with that.)