Saturday, 20 July 2013

Learning how to leave everyone to do their own thing.

Tuesday I had me hair done.  Highlights was the order of the day.  My last hairdresser painstakingly brought up strands and using foil and a brush I ended up looking like a hedgehog with flat spines.  No pain.
This time it was back to something that looked like a swimming cap while agonisingly strands of hair were plucked out, I thought that form of torture was long gone.  Then the bits were plastered with bleach!?  Ye Gods. Bleach!! But it worked. Possibly?  I am 64 why do I still let this happen?

Wednesday was Art Group and I continued with my attempt at portraying my granddaughter.  Who now has purple arms.  I was told you can do skin colour from any colour, and the reflection of her blue dress was indeed leading to purple.  You will have to wait...I am instructed, so I do.

Thursday was our Kids Activity Morning at the Lighthouse Museum.  More kids and a better spread of ages.


This young lady managed to get round most of the activities on offer!  Puffin mask, Puffin Puppet, Puffin model, Dragonfly (no I dont know what that has to do with sea birds either, but if I have a volunteer willing to do a craft activity.........)

Then came story time.

The young man on my left announced, "I know this story."  I took a deep breath and said, "So you will help me?"  

And he did, correcting me at every sentence.  

"No the seagulls were not called that, "  

I am reading the book, they were called Tom., Fred, and ?, neither of us could work the third seagull out.  

But we did get to the end, and he very nearly met his end....... But he did fine.......Moi?

I have one more week of sea birds.  I have to think of some different activities.

So far so good.  However I will be telling a different story, that is not part of the National Curriculum in the hope I do not get some brain box who has memorised most of the words.

Friday I did my usual volunteering in the shop/admissions at the Lighthouse Museum, and some funny tales there too, but not now as I am tired, weary and hot.

Min and I are chilling out.  She knows table tops and work surfaces are a no no, but this is outside....... letting her do her own thing,....

So glad to be not having the oppressive heat of earlier this week when every day us inland experienced this.


Every day early afternoon, the sky clouded over, with a blanket.  No wind and no oxygen, not good for me at all.  Temperature was still heading towards to 30s.

Towards the coast, still blue skies and fresh air, but not inland.


And a very good reason for not going into the tool shed for garden implements was this, a wasp nest.......


Sometimes its as well just to leave everyone and everything to it.


Mum said...

Love the hair again. You're getting to be quite a model! The wasps, the sultry weather and children I can do without so I'll join you with the cat and the wine, if I may.
Love from Mum

Anonymous said...

Love your summery hair do! Scary wasp nest! (shudder) Your kids activity days look like a success, well done all of you! (especially you in all that muggy heat) Glad it's not as hot now. xx

BadPenny said...

lovely post. too tired to say anything else - just home from Yarmouth weekend x

Anonymous said...

Bless you all for organising all these things for the kids!

I'm glad you've managed to put your feet up for a bit. And I'm glad your granddaughter's arms aren't actually purple, which was what I thought at first before I read on!