Thursday, 4 July 2013


Today I am pooped.  I am sure that everyone, whether they be across the pond or here in the U.K will understand that one.

This morning was our final morning before the Kids Activity Mornings, next Thursday, of ensuring we had our activities fine tuned.

Above, sitting on a table in the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses Cafe are the Puffin face mask, or Puppet, on a paper plate, and the loo roll inner Puffin friend (?). I now have to do the final template printed off on x amount of white card, for the kids to cut out, or their parent, colour in, and apply using double sided sticky tape, which i also have to supply.

Collected stones from the beach, which the Kids will be let loose on painting their sea bird or whatever they want to do, this is mine, a Puffin with a Perm.  Great paper weight.

There will also be making a telescope, colouring in, drawing your own sea bird, a Puffin mask, a Feathered mask, a Sea bird mobile, all using recycled bits and pieces.    I have also an ace story about a Puffin which could well be used.  Okay, thats one session, we have two more, but fear not, lots of plans.  

I then did a wee stint in the shop at the Museum so everyone could have a lunch break.

Then off to Thursday afternoons art group where I dropped off the entry forms and rules for my Sea Birds Exhibition in August.

Came back to the shedudio and finished three paintings as from Sunday I am exhibiting in the Lighthouse Museum.  Kids Activities and Great Works of Art do not mix, and I dont really care - mine are going up, be they trashed, knocked down, what the hell.

So much happening, so much planning to do, when you put up an exhibition you have labels to do and posters, plus I have to ensure all the resources are there for the Kids Activity Mornings, I have to get some of my paintings mounted and framed, and to cap it all there is a Board meeting on Wednesday when I have to have at my fingertips, budgets, staff resources, oh god.


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I don't think I have the energy to retire.