Thursday, 11 July 2013

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses Kids Activities.

Not just kids!

Stone paintingPlan was we had sea birds painted onto the stones.  But you just let the kids (and parents) express their own artistic take on that.  ( And then bring out the wet wipes,  its taken me an hour since I came home to scrub off the acrylic paint.)(Off me.)


 This lot were making Puffin masks or Puffins, depending on whether you cut out the eyes to make a mask, or stuck on a stick to make a puppet.  Stuck on to a paper plate after cutting out.

Along with the above were Puffin models, Feathered masks, Colouring in Puffins, Herring Gulls, Oyster Catchers, making telescopes and binoculars (good old loo rolls and kitchen rolls, tissue paper and crepe.) Sea Bird Mobiles. Should anyone want to know how to do all these just ask me.  

At the end of the session we had a story time.  The story was around Harris the Hero, who was  a Puffin, and a very caring Puffin, who helped a seal, and was helped by everyone else along the way, fish, dolphin, sea birds, and then found true love.  
We had a bit of a hoo ha when I asked who knows what these helpers  are, Otters, and one wee quine said, Beavers.  Bit of a lengthy discuss on who lives where and why.  Beavers need trees to build with, Otters need fish to eat......  I am still not sure what Beavers eat, isnt it trees, shoots and leaves?


Not only was I in tears at the end of all this, from the story, but I was also totally shattered.  Not helped by being dumped with a 5 week old baby who had colic, (at 10.30 in the morning?  Isnt colic from til 5p.m. til 10p.m.?  Well it was in my day.) 

 Anyroads, the old do have some good advice to the young, as this red faced infant ceased as I hummed in his ear 'ole.  As I was bouncing round with him.

Mum looked at me and said, "How did you do that?"   

"I hummed in his ear 'ole." 

 "I will try that!"

So not just kids activities, but geriatric ones too.  Do you find when you have a hug with your other half you pat them on the back like I do?  And rock a bit? Still bringing up the wind.


BadPenny said...

Ha Ha ! A Spanish doctor ( when we lived in Spain ) asked me to bring back some of that magic water from England.. Gripe water !

Loved seeing the activities with the children...and the mums !

BadPenny said...

Thank you for your sweet comment & for making me smile !