Saturday, 6 July 2013

Lovely day!

Look up the lyrics, Bill Withers, A Lovely Day, one of my most favourite songs.

Today was one such.  I set off driving from Lonmay to Keith.  Quite a trek, and these days an

expensive one with car fuel costs.  But well worth it.  The weather, blue skies, not much wind, and w -a-a-a-rm.  Heavenly.  Driving along what a beautiful place I live in.  Yay.

And then - meeting up again with Christine, from and Tina from  do hope I have these links right.

Cappucinos, Lattes, yummy cakes.  Lots of chat and catch ups.  We are all looking a wee bit worried that the waitress knows how to work our individual cameras!

We exhanged gifts.  We exchanged stories of our lives at the moment.  Some stuff that does not appear on our blogs, well not just yet!

Isnt blogging, meeting like minded friends just great!

Then I am sure for the three of us it was back to real life.

I called in at the Lighthouse Museum, for lunch,   And eventually left at 4 p.m. Tourists in their droves, an un - planned coach load of tourists from Yorkshire, so I was in my element being able to understand everything that was said!!  Now home, shattered, and no, I didnt have my lunch.

Lovely day.


thequiethomeblog said...

It was fab, wasn't it? :) xx

BadPenny said...

That does look fun.
Had the coach party got lost ?

christinelaennec said...

It was a great day - thanks for coming over to Boogie Woogie with us (get it?). And thank you for my beautiful drawing of Tilly.

xox, C.