Thursday, 13 December 2012

Which hat shall I wear today?

I think it would be a good idea for all us Bloggers to list what hats we wear.

In fact I will put on yet another hat, of question Mistress in the near future.

But for today the morning was down for a Mrs Mop hat.

But just as I was about to don the turban I had an email.

So shot off to the Cafe Connect. 

Via Inverallochy Post Office to post the last of the Christmas and Birthday parcels and cards.

Inside the post office were about twenty small children, each with an envelope, which required a stamp.  You cannot put a stamp on an envelope whilst wearing mittens.  I was asked if I would prefer to be served in betweenst the purchase of one stamp, being stuck on, after dropping, trying to pick up, stuck to one mitten, then the next, but declined.  I put my stuff down and helped.

The local school nursery class all managed, eventually, to affix the stamp, and then the post man came out from behind the counter and held out a sack and they put their letters in.  

"Monday, I think Faither Christmas will be replying to ye all."

The woman behind me in the queue was brandishing a leek.  You do wonder sometimes...

Anyway, back to Cafe Connect.

Artist hat on now. (Tho my outside art hat is blue and white striped and somewhere squashed in the back of the car).  

Cafe Connect want me to do an exhibition in January.  Yay.

After that I shot off to the Lighthouse Museum to take pics of the new stock.  No idea what sort of hat I should wear....

Which hat should I choose?

And finally back home to wear the bird watchers hat.

And say Goodnight to my mate.

And finally,

I took all the hats off.


Mum said...

I've just read a blog where the bra came off and now here's another pist, sorry, post with another article of clothing being discarded. What is the blogging world coming to? Mind you, said articles were taken off in order to aid relaxation. Right, what shall I take off first!
Love from Mum
PS It's rather a lot of medicine you're taking in the last picture!

justjill said...

Well it makes me look as glamorous as the one drinking it - bring it on!

BadPenny said...

That was fun. I dug out a dusky pink knitted wooly cap Donny Osmond style. I was so cold yesterday.

I wear a straw hat on holiday & have bought a lovely hat for a wedding. Tonight will be wearing a paper hat from a cracker as it the shop Christmas dinner !