Saturday, 15 December 2012

Weather Report.

Quite a lot of strong winds on the north east coast.

The Four Corners sheltered quite a number of sightseers.

Nobody as daft at Sandhaven just north of Fraserburgh.

photo courtesy of Eric Watt.

Back in Fraserburgh harbour this is an 'old' photograph, so not quite as bad as this.

Or as bad as this time last year when my shed's roof was removed.  The telephone wire went too and the sky dish.

The roof was fixed, eventually.....

Nature deals us some blows on occasion.

But we forgive her when she also provides this.


rusty duck said...

Oh my goodness.. the waves against the lighthouse!

Mum said...

IRYPT - no words to describe perfection is there?
Love from Mum

BadPenny said...

weather caught on camera to record - amazing ! Superb photos

Anonymous said...

I saw that the coast road around Girdleness in Aberdeen was closed, I presume because of storm damage. And I saw some incredible photos on the BBC website of huge waves crashing over the buildings down at Stonehaven harbour. I've seen that once myself - I felt nothing but complete respect for the power of Nature and a desire to stay very far away!

I'm glad your own holdings haven't been affected.