Monday, 17 December 2012

Last Weather Report - for this year,, heres hoping.

Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse described the conditions as a "perfect storm" of south easterly gales, low pressure and high tides. Richard Lochhead, Rural Affairs Secretary, will visit Lossiemouth, Peterhead and Fraserburgh harbours on Monday to asses the damage.

 Paul Rattray photograph.

John Cardno photograph.

Whilst the Shags and Cormorants kept well out the way!

How the Golden Horn looked before the storm.

What the storm did, no idea what its like from the other side where the waves were actually coming from.

Inland we had no idea what was occurring just a few miles away.

Homes were evacuated at Peterhead where the old fishermens cottages are near the shore line and in other fishing villages around.

Men in yellow jackets are everywhere trying to clear up the debris and make everything safe.  We just hope the Golden Horn can shine again.


rusty duck said...

The power of those waves looks truly frightening. I'm not surprised the birds were keeping close to the ground.

And so glad you have not had any damage to your home this time around.

BadPenny said...

So powerful & dramatic. The perfect storm ? strange choice of words !

Terra said...

Oh my, what a powerful surge hitting the lighthouse. I hope it survived ok and as you say, I hope it will shine again.