Thursday, 27 December 2012

Thinking big.

I have managed to get down to the shed/art studio/opera theatre/drinking den most days.  Even though some days I had about half an hour of daylight.  Which I need for my art work as I do not like electric light.  But then, you do not need daylight to enjoy the rest of the uses I put the shed to!

I have managed to do quite a bit of painting including the one I framed for the DP using a frame recycled from a charity shop.

This has to be the biggest painting I have ever done.  They may look like patchwork elephants to you, (they do to me too.)  I really enjoyed painting them, slapping it on and more and more.  I have to thank Jake Winkle who is the artist who has inspired me.

Today I finished ,

I finally got the flock together.  Problem is I broke the only large frame I had left.  Is it worth having it done properly?

Not sure what Minerva thinks.

Big mice.


Anonymous said...

Wow, loving your new artwork! xx

Terra said...

I like these paintings and yes, frame the chickens; they look very lively. Is Minerva thinking of chasing them?

Mum said...

I really like your 'slap it on' pictures - very colourful. Yep, you need to get a frame.
Love from Mum

busybusybeejay said...

great pictures.Definitely get it framed.

simplyvintage said...

I love your patchwork elephants, they are fantastic, and yes, it is worth getting your flock framed, another brilliant painting. Linda xxx

rusty duck said...

Go for it Jill. The chickens are wonderful and I wish I could paint. Get the frame. Jx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful artwork, Jill! I agree, frame those chickens.