Tuesday, 25 December 2012


There being a short interlude in between the Queens Speech and the next attack on my digestive system, whats a girl/Mum/Grandma to do?  So here I am, listening to one of my presents, "We'll Meet Again." ( No I was not born til after the war, but I have a Mother who has never moved on from then,  but  what is a tad worrying is that I know all the words) and blogging.

Christmas Eve.

The DP excelled himself.  The above are the canapes he made.  Arent those penguins too cute to eat?  Black olives, cream cheese, and carrots.

I was allowed to set the table.  In the bowl garlic bread to go with the Salmon Rillette starter.  (If you want to know what this looks like, you will have to internet it, as it lasted about 5 seconds)

Glasses for the champagne, to go with the canapes, (reminder to self to check the bank account.)

Main course was venison en croute.  (get back to the internet, I was holding a knife and fork not a camera.)

Pudding ( are you serious?)   Chocolate cake, mince pies, and below, remainder of the Christmas Cheesecake.

No more, no, no, no.

Breaking with tradition, and because there's just the two of us today, (and to digest what has gone before), we are eating this evening not lunchtime.  I just might be ever so slightly hungry by then.

On a more sombre note.  I hope and pray that all those people who were flooded out managed to sit down to a Christmas Feast somewhere, and that everyone, everywhere, was safe and warm and fed.  

I am the sort of person who chucks money into buckets, those that meet and greet you in the supermarket, and there's been a different one every day this week. And as I rarely have cash I end up asking for cash back - in coins, I'm not that generous or rich.  Having stood there with a bucket, and packed bags, a thankless task, particularly when on the other side of the check out - ex Morrisons checkout operator I just loved that job.  

So when I got an email from a dog today .........................

  I dont do dogs. 

Then I remembered .....Way back in the Summer I went to throw money in a bucket and got a bit more than I bargained for.

Tilly, who is currently in training to become a guide dog for a blind person.  So she can join the child I also sponsor (tho she must have children of her own by now, I have been sponsoring her for years. Probably grandchildren.)

So It aint just Christmas thats about giving is it.

Have a good one.


Terra said...

Guide dogs must be very smart and Tilly is a cutey.
Your feast looks delicious and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Mum said...

We were stuffed as well and are now on a 'resting' period. I don't think we'll be eating again today. Mind you we'll be eating Christmas for the rest of the week. Hope you finished the bottle of bubbly. Wouldn't want to waste it!
Love from Mum
PS Can your DP come and cook for us next year!!

BadPenny said...

What a feast you had ! We had Christmas pud a lot later after meal - lots of soaking it in brandy & lighting & relighting it going on !
I managed NOT to fall asleep !