Friday, 14 December 2012

It is nearly Christmas.

Many times as I leave the house I say, "I am sure I have forgotten something."
Well that is how I feel today.  

Tree up.

Presents wrapped, posted, and stashed.

Decs up and out.

Wreath done.

Cards made, three designs, posted and hand delivered.

Christmas Eve dinner for us and friends, and yes I have remembered to invite them.

Look away vegetarians.


Christmas Day, Grouse.  Both ordered by the DP.  So he says.

So it is now the 14th December and I am done.

Never, ever have I been this far in front of myself.

So, what do I do now?

No excuses Mum!


Mum said...

Love from Mum

rusty duck said...

Your cards are so good. Love the bottom one with the stockings hanging out!

Next year I will be organised.
Next year I will be organised..
Next year I will be organised...


Looking good your end ... crocheting this end .. but not a lot else!

Vicky x

Anonymous said...

I feel the same as you! Still got a few groceries to get nearer the day, but uncannily ready...what have I forgotten?? xx

busybusybeejay said...

You are well organised.As for crocheted blankets,I'm obsessed by them.I just love making them and can't stop .

BadPenny said...

I forgot where I'd put my niece's present and wanted to get it in the post... found it later - wrapped & posted.

Tree will be decorated tonight & tomorrow & all the decs go up. Present wrapping next week. Have nothing for Jess yet as she's just had a birthday.

Maybe next year I will learn to crochet !

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Goodness, you are organised. Like Rusty I am not. My Christmas mojo seems to be missing in action ... and sadly disappeared before I had done any of the above ... oops!

Terra said...

Your Christmas cards are very charming, and please invite me over for the venison feast. I have never tried venison. I live in California, and this year we will have turkey and all the fixins.