Sunday, 23 December 2012

Last Minute....

Tomorrow the Dawn Patroller will be locked in the kitchen preparing, 
Champagne and canapes, Salmon Rillette, Venison and Wild Mushroom Wellington, Christmas Cheesecake, Tabasco Chocolate Cake, oh, and mince pies. 

aka a mid life crisis.  

I shall be hovering car keys in hand waiting for the, "I've forgotten the bloody........." whatever.

So today he braved the flooded roads and went out patrolling with his camera

Very misty, and wild.  And this is low tide.

Shall I?

The harbour still getting a battering.

More shags staying firmly on dry land, above on top of the wine tower, below at the Four Corners.

Meanwhile I finished the gift wrapping.  Including the following, my answer to crackers.  I hate the silly hats, I never get mine to bang, and the thing inside is usually rubbish.

You will need, loo roll inners, fancy paper and prit stik.

Cut paper so that it fits round the loo roll, with a bit extra at each end.

Tuck the ends in.

Then squash in the end.  


(You could forget about Christmas and make an owl.)

Before closing the other end place a small but tasteful gift (and, if you must, a silly joke DP...) inside.  You could make a silly hat out of tissue paper but no.

Then tie with ribbon.

I think my gift boxes are more successful than the filo pastry from the sounds coming from the kitchen.

Happy day before Christmas Eve everyone.


Anonymous said...

Have a good one! By the sound of your menu, it's certainly going to be a yummy one! :) xx

rusty duck said...

Is DP available on loan?

justjill said...

You can have him, rattling about till midnight, canapes = disaster, cheesecake wont come out the cake tin, and now at crack of dawn he is mistrusting the recipe for the salmon. aaaargh.

BadPenny said...

Husband will cook us a lasagne tonight & last night we had a works do - just the four of us !

I cook tomorrow but he does the tatties & Christmas pud.

Happy Christmas dear Jill & DP xx