Monday, 3 December 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Two hundred and twenty five years since Kinnaird Head Lighthouse was built.  And the light shone out to protect those out at sea from foundering, drowning and getting their feet wet. 

The light was kept lit by many, the one below is John Scott.

This is Lachlan McInnes, and his cat, who also kept that light beaming out to sea.  

And this is Ian Dyga, who won first prize in the raffle to turn the light on again after many years of darkness from the original Kinnaird Head Lighthouse.

He was so thrilled to have won this honour he wore a suit.

88 rotations winds the weight back to the top of the lighthouse, on the sounding of the alarm bell.  This rotation had to be manually performed.  This is what kept the light on.

Here you can see the weight coming up in the stairwell.

The next pictures are of the three 'lucky' people who bid on ebay for the chance to do that winding.  Four hour shifts throughout the night.  

And this is what they all achieved.  The light from Kinnaird Head shining out across the sea.  The light at 15 second intervals identifies it as Kinnaird Head.  Each Lighthouse had a different time, so those at sea knew where they were.

The reason why all these people are dressed in very warm clothing is that there is no heat in the lighthouse.  I think they should have been paid to be there, tho running up and down the stairs does keep you warm, having done it a few times myself.  

On that same night, 

There was a wedding!  The happy couple were married in the Museum in front of one of the huge ancient lights, which turned her white dress into a spectrum of colours.  She and some of the bridal party braved the weather and shot off to the actual lighthouse and had their picture took.

There were a lot of shattered people at the end of all this, including the ones who got married, more from the champagne than the running up and down the stairs and the winding.

The Christmas Tree is up in the Lighthouse Cafe. 

And the card designs and cards from Primary age children for the Lighthouse Christmas Card Challenge.

But Best of All, Santa has arrived, via the Lifeboat!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, santa arriving in a life boat, thats amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff! I really enjoyed reading this post Jill! :) xxx

BadPenny said...

What a lovely heart warming post. So glad the night was such a success and well attended.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I loved this post ... Santa, a wedding, a wonderful old building ... a real feel good collection of happenings :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, how amazing! Such imagination and hard work that went into that celebration. And there used to be a Lighthouse Keeper's Cat as well!

I'm a bit confused about Santa arriving in the lifeboat, because I seem to see him arriving by sleigh up in the sky? Must be one of those North-East of Scotland things...

justjill said...

Christine, worry not , our dear friend who does these photographs photo shopped it, Santa really is on the lifeboat.