Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Break in Tradition.

For the last thirty odd years on the first weekend in December a real Christmas tree is purchased and put up and decorated.  When the kids were little, as soon as they had gone to bed, I re-arranged the decorations.  Still do.

A the Dawn Patroller disappeared off last week, no tree.  Yes, I know I could have got one,  but thats one break in tradition too far.  We cannot give up the annual arguments, now can we?  "Too big, too small, too fat, too bare........."

In crept the various Santas, reindeer and so forth.

While he was away in Lincoln reading bed time stories, 

I gave Gordon his Christmas Head dress.  (Gordon greets/scares you to death in our entrance hall)  And he dont look too impressed.

Found some more Santas.

Lit the candle burner in amongst coffee beans (supposed to then smell of coffee, so far zilch.)

But tomorrow, tomorrow, he thinks he might be well enough for us to go and fight to the death over which tree to bring home!  Bring it on!


Mum said...

Gordon might look better with a Santa hat and beard. Maybe not!
Love from Mum

Marjorie said...

Love this post and your decorations. Fight the good fight for that tree. My DH and three DS go out on Christmas eve to the woods for ours so I have no say. It is their tradition. He has said that when they don't come home for Christmas anymore, we will go fake.

Anonymous said...

Yay, tree shopping! I see we have the same "noel" lettering! Good taste! :) xx

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

I rather like Gordon!

Have fun choosing that tree :D

Anonymous said...

The choosing will be well worth the wait! I can't wait to see your tree - will you take "before" and "after" photos, of the decoration? (arranged and re-arranged)

BadPenny said...

We chose ours yesterday just the two of us - kids all grown up now. We always went as a family to choose the tree.

Love the three wooden Santas & Gordon looks splendid !