Sunday, 18 December 2011

Will it be?

A white Christmas?

 Certainly white this morning.

 Pictures just asking to be painted.

Nobody lives here.  Isnt it lovely though.

And Escallonia still blooming.  Amazing.  (This is still attached to the bush, just the Dawn Patroller doing his artistic bit on the computer.  Think its called enhancing.)

The day has been spent catching up with washing - yawn.  Wrapping last minute Christmas Gifts.  

Cannot believe Tesco is open 24 hours later this week.  

But I guess its calming to know that when I wake up at 2a.m. and remember something I have forgotten I can go and get it.


Mum said...

What beautiful shots of land and sky. Oh, and Dawn Patroller's enhancing is spectacular too!
Love from Mum

Susan T said...

I think shot number three especially would make a glorious watercolour. Oh to be able to paint. I am devoid of any artistic ability.