Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Fun and Frolics in Fraserburgh.

Here we are again, the Knitting Nancies.

Following our session at Primary School - still making Catties Tails, and now having some expert knitters - its our turn to play.

Making corsages. Isobel made at least three of these in as many minutes. She just picks bits up does a twist here and there and wow.

Remember the Fairy Castle Isobel knocked up last week? Well here it is finished.

Today we were at another house, a fantastic Victorian terrace.
When we arrived it was coffee, tea, Scotch pancakes and Millionaires Shortbread.

Served in the conservatory open plan with the kitchen. Drool.

After messing about with material, sequins, pearls, wire, etc. etc. I ended up with something slightly resembling a Christmas Tree - heading for the bin.

We had home made soup, minestrone or Butternut Squash, home made bread, followed by more tea and coffee and more shortbread.

Feeling rather stuffed, I departed before the cookie demonstration began, to be home before the light went to do more on my dry stane dyke.

I am taking this in to the art class tomorrow, probably to be brought down a step or two.....

Just had to show you this - a rose blooming, and a bud - bravely above the snow.

Fraserburgh Christmas Lights.

Fraserburgh Lighthouse.

All frolicking and having fun.


Anonymous said...

Gosh you lead a busy and full life! I love your header at the moment, by the way. And the stone dyke is nae bad!

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Wow. great pics... love them especially the last two!

millefeuilles said...

It is lovely to get a glimpse of your rich life in Scotland; a beautiful country which I often think upon. I hope you are enjoying Advent, Jill.

Greetings from France.