Thursday, 15 December 2011

At last - some peace and serenity.

Friday we drove all the way to Lincoln.

The Cathedral.

Me looking for my inhaler, before walking up a hill. Lincoln is surprisingly hilly, as the rest of the county is very flat.

The day before we set off for the marathon journey we joined the Best of Banffshire and Buchan Bed and Breakfasts for - THE CHRISTMAS LUNCH.

Which went off very well, despite me having someone down for Sea Bass, when they insisted they ordered Duck.

Back to the journey. Apologies for pictures out of synch, I have been away from the internet so long I have forgotten how to do things.
This was on the way back from Lincoln and I felt like doing a Pope and kissing the ground.

Also on the way back, Angel of the North. Which is before you get to Scotland.....

What I saw for twelve hours.
Lincoln again, I must say I was very impressed with the cathedral.

And just loved the signage.

The reason for visiting Lincoln was to meet Neve, our new grand daughter.

Having to endure a budget hotel's idea of providing your guests with a memorable experience, one towel each, just enough coffee/tea/milk and sugar so the guests don't hole up in the room for very long. Oh, and overheat said guests so they get very thirsty and have to go somewhere else to satisfy thirst.

Back to Lincoln, where at least they are honest and label streets as 'Steep Hill.'

On our return home we found the Summer House roof scattered all over the garden, and oh woe, the telephone wire also in the garden. No phone, no internet, no skype aaargh. Try explaining to someone in Mumbai who doesnt even understand phone lines are attached to poles outside the house and who just keeps on and on that one will have to pay if it is inside the house, and on a mobile phone which frequently cuts out, as we have poor signal here. And then try phoning insurance company and listen to Stradivarius and as soon as you get a human being it cuts out again. I know the we will get you for fraudulant claims dirge by heart.
So - a week after the phone line blew off the telegraph pole it was finally replaced. Seven days without internet. I am extremely twitchy.

The shock of it being a female engineer just about finished me off. On the one hand I wanted to ask why the hell it had taken so long, but on the other wanted to congratulate her for getting up the pole,which I couldnt do....even if it was peaceful and serene, which for the moment the weather is.


Mum said...

Welcome back.
Love from Mum

A Trifle Rushed said...

Goodness, what a week you have had. The highlight is beautiful Neve, you must be thrilled. Glad you are back on line before Christmas, and a female engineer, hooray!

Gigi said...

Hi Jill -- congratulations on the the granddaughter! They're so much fun, aren't they? Well, maybe Neve is still in the eat, sleep, poop phase, but she'll be fun soon, won't she ;)?
And I don't much like leaving my nest anymore either -- always so glad to be home again.
Merry Christmas!