Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Dusk to dawn.

Just had to show you these pictures of the Fishing Boats at Peterhead, which every year get dressed up for Christmas.

They dont do this in Fraserburgh, which is a shame.  They should.

The Dawn Patroller waited till dusk to take these pictures.  So for a wee while he was the Dusk Patroller.

These are lapwing over the Loch of Strathbeg.  I am currently trying to do a water colour of Pink Footed Geese doing much the same thing.

And finally, back to Dawn, our wee hoose at Dawn.  My new header picture shows our wee hoose on the right hand side, the other lit house is our nearest neighbour.

We are currently girding up our loins to do battle with the insurance company.  The Assessor has decided its 'wear and tear'.  I would have loved to see him standing or otherwise in the strength of wind we had, severe weather warning, the fact that the telephone wire was wrested from its pole and a stone bird bath was lifted from its plinth.  By the time he got here to examine it the bits were wet, shredded and metal bits rusty.  Our neighbour gathered up parts of the roof that had gone yards into the road.  Thats what you get from a severe gale and rain.  Not wear and tear.  Arrogant b******.  Sorry, but I am cross.
And I left my car lights on and the battery is flat.
Time for a wine down.


lily said...

Insurance companies are a right pain in the backside, the way theu always try to wriggle out of a legitimate claim......hang on in there Jill.

The boats are very festive, you do live in such a wild and beautiful place.........maybe not such a good thing when you are tossed around by those gail force winds. xx

Annie said...

Hello Jill :D

You somehow dropped off my blog reader and I thought you'd gone! But here you are and I've just been having a good catch up :D

Sorry to see the gale damage and happy to see you coming through with a smile. My two eldest were born in Lincoln, long time since I've been back!